No coffee, no workee

Hello! I love Subaru!!! Because I have no idea what to post, I think it would be funny if you knew the ten things that make me weird! TEN REASONS WHY I AM WEIRD:
1) I am in love with a guy named after a car
2) I prefer gay humor to straight humor
3) I tell my English teacher things I haven't told my mother
4) I talk to myself in different languages constantly
5) I love to wash the dishes...the slow way
6) I'm obsessed with shiny objects...and so is my cat...
7) I think Kamui Shiro is sexy...too much information?
8) I name everything I encounter, including my teacher's pencil sharpener (it's name is pokey)
9) I make Fandango puppets as my hobbie, and play with them
10) I make up songs about...well, just about anything...including the toilet.
HEH!!! *turns to Tegan* How am I doing?...

NOTE: Current icon drawing NOT DONE BY ME. Drawn by Silent~Reaper on Deviantart.com. Support her work. She's awesome.